Alpha Omega Capital Partners is a tokenized Venture Capital Fund focused on fintech and core infrastructure projects building the digital securities ecosystem, as an estimated $500 Trillion in global assets are being placed on the blockchain.


    As a pick-and-shovel play, Alpha Omega invests in companies that will enable the tokenization of global assets such as issuance platforms, digital securities exchanges, liquidity pools, etc.


    We at Alpha Omega believe that a new financial paradigm shift is happening as global assets are being migrated to the blockchain, and we envision capturing value of that same degree for our investors and the ecosystem. We will accomplish this by serving others, connecting people, building ecosystems and impacting billions.

  • TEAM

    Anderson Tan

    Managing General Partner

    Carlo Cojuangco

    Managing Partner

    Jay Fajardo

    Managing Partner & CTO

    Lina Seiche

    Public Relations & Evangelist

    Stephen Costiniano


    Russ Malangen

    Community Manager


    Darren Marble

    Co-founder & CEO, Issuance

    David Siemer

    Co-founder & Managing Partner, Wavemaker Partners

    Co-founder & General Partner, Wavemaker Genesis

    David Atkinson

    Director, Holochain

    Beryl Li

    Founder & CEO, CapchainX

    John Lee

    Managing Partner (Asia), Blockchain Valley Ventures

    Jamie Finn

    Co-founder & President, Securitize

    Jojo Flores

    Co-founder & Vice President,
    Plug and Play Tech Center

    Jonathan Nelson

    Founder & CEO, Hackers/Founders
    Managing Director, Hack Fund

    Manny Ayala

    Managing Director, Endeavor Philippines

    Mohan Belani

    Co-founder & CEO, e27

    Miko Matsumara

    General Partner, Gumi Ventures
    Co-founder, Evercoin Exchange

    Pranav Sharma

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Authorito Capital


    Hadi Malaeb

    CEO, Agoragroup

    Early Boykins III

    Director, Andra Capital
    Venture Partner, BaseTwo Ventures

    Rachid Alaja

    Co-founder and Head of Research,

    Jeff Hood

    Co-founder, Blocksquared Capital
    Co-founder, Vantage Network

    Gabriel Morey

    General Partner, Stats Ventures

    Dunstan Teo

    President, Sanctum Pte Ltd
    CEO, Interstellar Innovation Pte Ltd
    Co-founder, Coalculus

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